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Chen Guangcheng: Asylum in America

Type: Video

ion that maintaining a good relationship with the Chinese communists was better than protecting me. It’s very complicated, one of the conclusions was t

Tags: United States, asylum, embassy, Beijing, China, diplomatic relations

Chen Guangcheng: Challenging the Authorities

Type: Video

rson.” We can interpret this as the ancient Chinese’s basic understanding of the rule of law, but unfortunately this did not result in a reasonab

Tags: law, family planning, Women, One-Child Policy, China

Chen Guangcheng: Escape from China

Type: Video

when I hadn’t gotten out of prison yet, the Chinese Communist Party had already sent people to the prison, I remembered it was April [2010], and they a

Tags: asylum, prison, freedom, communist party, 2012, Beijing, united states embassy, jail, house arrest, escape, China

Chen Guangcheng: False Charges and Prison

Type: Video

ibe my situation in jail. When I was in jail, the Chinese Communist Party members, through the prison guards ordered convicted murderers in the jail to physi

Tags: law, prison, intimidation, communist party, jail, China

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