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Ahn Myeong Chul: How Many People Are in the Gulags?

Type: Video

“When I became a guard, there were 300,000 prisoners.”

Tags: oppression, prison camp, north korea, political prison, repression, gulags

Ahn Myeong Chul: Culture of Fear

Type: Video

area probably know they exist. But ordinary North Korean residents will not have much knowledge about the political prison camps. [The Workers’ Party

Tags: oppression, prison camp, north korea, terror, repression, gulags, political prisons

Ahn Myeong Chul: Gulag Landscapes

Type: Video

ey are camouflaged to look like an ordinary North Korean village. So unless someone from the prison camp itself tells you their own story, you can’t r

Tags: prison camp, north korea, political prison, gulags, forced labor, prisoner of conscience

Ahn Myeong Chul Gulag: Trafficking and Orphans

Type: Video

“China should accept North Koreans as refugees.”Koreans as refugees.”

Tags: refugees, human rights, north korea, trafficking, refoulement, Orphans, China

Ahn Myeong Chul: Three Generations of Punishment

Type: Video

camps is essential for maintenance of the [North Korean] regime. Kim Il Sung created these camps. He wanted to purge people who were against his will. [Kim

Tags: oppression, Ministry of State Security, prison camp, north korea, political prison, repression, kim il sung, youth, prisoner of conscience, Rule of Law, Gulag, ExposeNK

Shin Dong-hyuk: Message to the North Korean People

Type: Video

“Even though you are suffering horribly, always look for the light of hope.”

Tags: camp, prison, north korea, pain, hope

Shin Dong-hyuk: The World Must Take Action

Type: Video

unity to take action, to show interest, the North Korean government will not budge. Furthermore, North Korea will not even listen or be influenced by the st

Tags: camp, prison, north korea, World War II, Nazi Germany

Shin Dong-hyuk: Responsibility of Freedom

Type: Video

se, during the 24 years that I lived in the North Korean prison, there was not enough food for us to eat. Also, I had no freedom to decide whether a particu

Tags: camp, prison, north korea, choice

Shin Dong-hyuk: Learning from Dissidents

Type: Video

Shin Dong-hyuk discusses the value in learning from other activists.

Tags: human rights, north korea, activist, Russia, burma

Shin Dong-hyuk: Helping North Koreans

Type: Video

e able to deal with this issue.Korean defectors help other North Korean people, is if the defector still has parents inside North Korea t

Tags: help, north korea, assistance, refugee, Ngo, South Korea

Shin Dong-hyuk: What is Freedom?

Type: Video

“There are dictators that would starve their citizens and deny what is in every person's soul and DNA: Freedom.”

Tags: north korea, freedom, choice, food, universal

Shin Dong-hyuk: China Repatriates Refugees

Type: Video

nbsp;Korean regime with regard to the suffering of the people of North Korea. I believe that China is just like

Tags: prison, north korea, repression, repatriation, refugee, refoulement, China

Shin Dong-hyuk: The Kim Dynasty

Type: Video

g on, and to alleviate the suffering of the North Korean people. 

Tags: kim jong il, Kim Jong un, prison, north korea, kim il sung

Shin Dong-hyuk: Escape

Type: Video

in 2005. Of course, looking back now, after South Koreans have studied this issue, it wasn't that difficult compared to how it is now for North Koreans to c

Tags: prison, human rights, political prisoner, north korea, food, repression, refugee, prisoner of conscience, escape, China, ExposeNK

Shin Dong-hyuk: Child of Reward Marriage

Type: Video

“There was no love, no desire to give them things or help them.”

Tags: prison, human rights, political prisoner, north korea, family, prisoner of conscience, torture, execution

Shin Dong-hyuk: Life of a Slave

Type: Video

tioning my existence. Korean government, there are 5 political prison camps in operation, with an estimated 154,000 inmates inca

Tags: prison, human rights, political prisoner, north korea, repression, hell, camps, prisoner of conscience

Shin Dong-hyuk: Born in a Gulag

Type: Video

“I was born in a political prison camp where I lived for 24 years.”

Tags: prison, human rights, political prisoner, north korea, reward marriage, repression, prisoner of conscience

Kang Chol-hwan: What is Freedom

Type: Video

Kang Chol-hwan discusses his concept of freedom.

Tags: franklin Delano Roosevelt, human rights, freedom of expression, north korea, freedom, freedom of religion, sources of freedom, Four freedoms

Kang Chol-hwan: US Leadership

Type: Video

he relationship between the United States and the Korean peninsula is quite close. We have a very strong alliance and relationship between the United States

Tags: United States, information, The Case for Democracy, human rights, technology, north korea, leadership, George W. Bush, international support, Natan Sharansky, Adolf Hitler, democracy, Nazi Germany, South Korea

Kang Chol-hwan: Escaping to Freedom

Type: Video

rily. I had to make a lot of deals with the North Korean military. I had to bribe them with beer and other drinks. They informed me that the shift change fo

Tags: oppression, kim jong il, police, north korea, dalian, repression, kim il sung, refugee, Rule of Law, escape, China, South Korea

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