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Kim Seong Min: Illicit Markets

Type: Video

marketplace was officially legalized by the North Korean regime. Of course the regime always retained control, but the regime started to rent out sections a

Tags: market, capitalism, north korea, economy

Kim Seong Min: Secret Books

Type: Video

; By coincidence, I was able to listen to a South Korean radio program. It said that some 20,000 books are published each year in the South. I thought to my

Tags: books, north korea, freedom, censorship, war and peace, literature, Les Miserables, the iliad

Kim Seong Min: Evolving Notions of Freedom

Type: Video

and was forced to show loyalty towards the North Korean regime. Here in South Korea, when I see children running around in my neighborhood, I am reminded o

Tags: north korea, freedom, dictatorship

Kim Seong Min: What is Freedom?

Type: Video

ch human rights. The concept of freedom for North Koreans, South Koreans, and Americans is not all that different. Like I mentioned before, many North Korea

Tags: human rights, north korea, freedom, Responsibility, South Korea

Kim Seung-chul: What to Know about North Korea

Type: Video

ndividuality. Such practices strengthen the North Korean regime. If someone were to explain North Korea to the outside world, they could do that by bringing

Tags: human dignity, human rights, north korea, freedom, dictatorship

Kim Seung-chul: What is Freedom?

Type: Video

Kim Seung-chul shares his definition of freedom.

Tags: Erich Fromm, north korea, freedom, Responsibility, dictatorship, individuality

Kim Seung-chul: Democratic Movements

Type: Video

Drawing inspiration from democracy movements around the world.

Tags: Egypt Iraq, Ukraine, Africa, Libya, democracy, Middle East

Kim Seung-chul: North Korea Reform Radio

Type: Video

Operating the alternative radio network for North Koreans.Koreans.

Tags: information, north korea, communication, park chung-hee, elite, deng xiaoping, radio

Kim Seung-chul: International Support

Type: Video

Kim Seung-chul discusses the complex international relationships involved in the Korean peninsula.Korean peninsula.

Tags: United States, north korea, taiwan, six party talks, China, Nuclear Weapons

Kim Seung-chul: Winning Over Elites in North Korea

Type: Video

ols, then I think it is possible to educate North Koreans and develop a future leader among them. 

Tags: North Korea Reform Radio, north korea, leaders, Elites, DVD

Kim Seung-chul: Changes in North Korean Society

Type: Video

ntality you first have to understand that a North Korean’s perception of their country is skewed. This is because North Korean authorities have indoct

Tags: information, famine, north korea, radio, China

Kim Seung-chul: Breaking Information Barriers

Type: Video

“North Korean elites can lead and initiate change in North Korea.”Korean elites can lead and initiate change in North Korea.”

Tags: information, famine, north korea, change, Saddam Hussein, balloons, Nicolae Ceau�escu, Elites, DVD

Kim Seung-chul: Why I Became an Activist

Type: Video

n, when I was working for the [Institute of North Korean Studies], I had chances to interview many defectors, and they would share their stories. One of the

Tags: human rights, famine, north korea, songbun, motivation

Kim Seung-chul: Indoctrination

Type: Video

re to have accomplished anything throughout North Korean history. [Kim Il Sung (1912 – 1994) was the founder and leader of the North Korean state from

Tags: United States, capitalism, S.S. General Sherman, north korea, kim il sung, education

Kim Seung-chul: Background

Type: Video

area where many refugees were located during the Korean war. I was educated in North Korea all the way through college. Because I studied civil engineering

Tags: Siberia, employment, north korea, Reform North Korea Radio, economy, kim il sung, communism, Russia, South Korea

Improving the Human Condition in North Korea

Type: Video

ommittee on Human Rights in North Korea"The North Korean government has committed crimes against humanity."– United Nations Commission of Inquiry Nort

Tags: human rights, prisoner,

Kim Kwang-jin: Human Dignity

Type: Video

t applies to its people. In this sense, the North Korean people’s human dignity is entirely ignored. I think the biggest fault with North Korea is the

Tags: human rights, north korea, freedom, dignity

Kim Kwang-jin: What is Freedom?

Type: Video

oes not exist. Even if it does, it would be North Korean-style “freedom,” something defined by the authorities.So everything in North Korea is a

Tags: human rights, north korea, freedom

Kim Kwang-jin: International Support

Type: Video

“Help rescue North Korean defectors.”Korean defectors.”

Tags: United States, Kim Jong un, human rights, defectors, sanctions, Commission of Inquiry, united nations, China, South Korea

Kim Kwang-jin: Markets

Type: Video

s and thoughts change. In the past, for the North Koreans, the party and the great leader and expressing loyalty to the leader were a citizen’s primar

Tags: market, famine, north korea, change, economy

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