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Kim Kwang-jin: Breaking Information Barriers

Type: Video

ng to computers, games, DVDs and, USBs. And North Korean people are sharing information much faster by utilizing information- related devices. So yes, techn

Tags: Kim Jong un, information, technology, north korea, communication, usb, cell phone, DVD

Kim Kwang-jin: Kim Jong Un

Type: Video

ound that after Kim Jong Un took power, the North Korean people had high hopes for him but ever since Jang Song Thaek’s execution, they’ve been

Tags: Kim Jong un, dictatorship, Jang Song Thaek, execution

Kim Kwang-jin: The Kim Dynasty

Type: Video

ation getting in. Korean regime as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. On the outside, they proclaim to have socialism and com

Tags: kim jong il, Kim Jong un, north korea, dictatorship, kim il sung, Propaganda

Kim Kwang-jin: Defecting from North Korea

Type: Video

problem. Several of my bosses told me that South Korean, Japanese, and American intelligence were very active in Singapore, and very important information

Tags: kim jong il, freedom of expression, north korea, Institute for National Security Strategy, defector, dictatorship, radio free asia, singapore, South Korea

Kim Kwang-jin: Financing a Dictatorship

Type: Video

socialist insurance system, which is run in North Korean won, we just re-insure with foreign companies and we pay a higher premium to them. When there are a

Tags: kim jong il, insurance, Nuclear

Kim Kwang-jin: The Outside World

Type: Video

“The North Korean regime tells their people that North Korea is the best.”Korean regime tells their people that North Korea is the best.”

Tags: north korea, : ING Northeast Asia Bank, singapore, Propaganda, China

Kim Kwang-jin: Background

Type: Video

Kim Kwang-jin discusses life as a North Korean banker.Korean banker.

Tags: Kim Jong Il North Korea, ING Northeast Asia Bank, Korean Foreign Insurance Company, bank, Jang Song Thaek, South Korea

Kim Seong Min: Songbun

Type: Video

. I did hear defectors who were part of the North Korean police or the Workers’ Party explain that the social class is divided into over 30 castes. Yo

Tags: Workers Party of Korea, kim jong il, Hwang Jang Yup, north korea, songbun, kim il sung

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