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Roberto de Miranda: Message to the World

Type: Video

“Let them know that in our minds an in our hearts, above all else, there is forgiveness.”

Tags: message, castro

Roberto de Miranda: Inspirations for Freedom

Type: Video

Tells how pro-democracy activists teach young people in Cuba about Martin Luther King and Lech Walesa.

Tags: Lech Walesa, inspiration, martin luther king, castro

Roberto de Miranda: Internet Gives Voice

Type: Video

“Why don’t we have Internet access in Cuba? . . . Cutting-edge technology is a menace to the Cuban government.”

Tags: technology, castro

Roberto de Miranda: Propaganda in Cuba

Type: Video

On prominent visitors from democratic countries who have met with the five Cuban government agents convicted of crimes in the United States, but not with imprisoned Cuban democracy activists or their families.

Tags: castro, international support

Roberto de Miranda: Europe and Latin America

Type: Video

“The Spanish government, knowing that the Cuban government is a proud and arrogant one, knew how to handle the situation when I was released in 2004.”Spanish government, knowing that the Cuban government is a proud and arrogant one, knew how to handle the s

Tags: castro, spain

Roberto de Miranda: U.S. and Cuba

Type: Video

“The Cuban government always calls the activists mercenaries, and it uses the help of the United States as an argument to apply more repression.”

Tags: castro, international support

Armando Valladares: Double Standard at UN

Type: Video

Valladares laments the “double standard” United Nations bodies have applied to human rights violations.

Tags: spanish, human rights, castro, united nations

Armando Valladares: Democracy is the Future

Type: Video

“Don’t lose hope. The future is ours. Democracy is the future of mankind.”

Tags: message, spanish, castro

Armando Valladares: Business Sustains the Regime

Type: Video

The effects of assistance provided to the Cuban government by foreign governments and companies.

Tags: spanish, castro, international support

Armando Valladares: Solidarity Among Prisoners

Type: Video

“Solidarity from international organizations, governments, and the press, that means protection for the life of the political prisoner.”

Tags: spanish, prison, castro, international support

Armando Valladares: Role of Technology

Type: Video

How the internet and other modern technologies have made it more difficult for the world to ignore atrocities against prisoners of conscience.

Tags: technology, spanish, castro

Armando Valladares: What Matters in Prison

Type: Video

Armando Valladares remembers his 22 years in Cuban prisons.

Tags: Cuba, spanish, prison, castro

Armando Valladares: International Indifference

Type: Video

on on Human Rights, the Secretary of State of the Spanish government, Fernando Morán, issued a statement saying that Spain had no evidence of human ri

Tags: Cuba, spanish, prison, castro

Bertha Antunez: Forced Cooperation

Type: Video

How the Castro regime terrorizes the Cuban population to create the illusion of widespread support for the government.

Tags: castro, protest, democracy

Carlos Alberto Montaner: Global Moral Responsibility

Type: Video

“Humanity shouldn’t allow that indifferent behavior toward others’ pain.”

Tags: message, Cuba, castro, communism

Carlos Alberto Montaner: Solidarity of Victims

Type: Video

“There is a secret family of victims of totalitarianism, which can be the families in Burma or the victims in North Korea or in Iran or in Cuba . . . . We feel a special bond with them because we belong to the same family.”

Tags: north korea, castro, burma

Ariel Sigler Amaya: Empowering Dissidents

Type: Video

How U.S. assistance enables democracy activists to communicate with their fellow Cubans and with the world about what is happening in Cuba.

Tags: technology, castro, international support

Bertha Antunez: Nonviolent Resistance

Type: Video

Discusses the importance of nonviolence.

Tags: castro, Nonviolence

Claudio Jose Sandoval: Organizing Dissidents

Type: Video

Recalling his motivation to found Genercion de los Puentes.

Tags: Chavez

Claudio Jose Sandoval: Inspiration and Faith

Type: Video

Explaining the role of his faith in inspiring him to take action.

Tags: Chavez, spanish, inspiration

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