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Claudio Jose Sandoval: Dictators and Friends

Type: Video

Describing the ties between Chavez's Government and the governments of Iran, North Korea and Cuba.

Tags: Chavez

Rodrigo Diamanti: Invitation to Participate

Type: Video

o are currently operating under non-democratic regimes." [In Spanish]Spanish]

Tags: Chavez, twitter, venezuela, A World Without Censorship, technology, Facebook, freedom of speech, democracy

Rodrigo Diamanti: Democracy in Venezuela

Type: Video

the government doesn’t completely limit the freedoms of dissidents." [In Spanish]Spanish]

Tags: Chavez, Cuba, venezuela, iran, dissidents, elections, t.v., Hugo Chavez, democracy

Rodrigo Diamanti: Freedom of Speech

Type: Video

re not against a specific president. Rather, we’re against the gag order that he’s trying to impose on us, which limits freedom of speech, private property, and our nation’s development." [In Spanish]

Tags: Chavez, spanish

Cristal Montanez Baylor: The Diaspora Sounds a Warning

Type: Video

“We have continued to work to expose the various relations between Chavez and governments that are enemies of the world.”

Tags: Chavez, Diaspora

Cristal Montanez Baylor: Nonviolent Movements

Type: Video

“In recent months we have seen an extraordinary process . . . where we see that the people, despite the risks, have decided to defend democratic principles.”

Tags: Egypt, Chavez, elections, non-violence, Nonviolence

Normando Hernandez: Life in a Cuban Prison

Type: Video

Graphically discusses the appalling conditions in Cuban prisons.

Tags: Cuba, prison, political prisoner, Black Spring, castro, Bonato, prisoner of conscience

Normando Hernandez: The Black Spring and His Arrest

Type: Video

Relates the story of his arrest during Cuba’s infamous Black Spring of 2003

Tags: Cuba, prison, dissident, Black Spring, castro

Normando Hernandez: Harassment by the State

Type: Video

Discusses how the Cuban government used pressure to keep dissidents in line.

Tags: Cuba, prison, castro

Normando Hernandez: Background

Type: Video

Normando Hernandez discusses his background.

Tags: journalism, Cuba, Radio Marti, prison, human rights, dissident, castro, communism, Civil Society

Normando Hernandez: Role Models

Type: Video

On inspirational leaders and role models.

Tags: Laura Pollan, martin luther king, dissident, Orlando Zapata, Jr.

Normando Hernandez: Release and Exile

Type: Video

The circumstances of his release and exile from Cuba.

Tags: Cuba, Jose Luis Zapatero, Black Spring, castro, catholic church, spain

Normando Hernandez: International Support for the Cuban Opposition

Type: Video

Discusses the importance of international support for dissidents.

Tags: Cuba, Czech Republic, castro, international support, european union, Civil Society, spain, poland

Normando Hernandez: Does the Opposition Have Support in Cuba?

Type: Video

On how average Cubans view the opposition and some of its leading figures.

Tags: Cuba, castro, democracy

Normando Hernandez: The Cuban Economy

Type: Video

Discusses the Cuban economy and how the regime stays afloat

Tags: Cuba, economy, castro, embargo

Tutu Alicante: Spanish Message to Dissidents

Type: Video

“The Arab Spring shows that we have more power than we think we do.”

Tags: Messages to dissidents

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: Foreign Investment in Cuba

Type: Video

“Foreign investment does not benefit the Cuban people.”

Tags: Cuba, economics, embargo, foreign investment

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: International Support

Type: Video

“International support is essential.”

Tags: United States, Cuba, Czech Republic, international support, Sweden, poland

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: The Role of Technology

Type: Video

“The regime knows that if people start to be informed, it will become a potential danger for them.”

Tags: Cuba, venezuela, technology, human rights, Fidel Castro, censorship, alan gross, internet

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: How the Regime Maintains Control

Type: Video

“The government instills fear in the people.”

Tags: Cuba, human rights, Fidel Castro, repression

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