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Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: The Cuban Opposition

Type: Video

“The opposition has forced the regime to try and project an image of pretended openness.”

Tags: Cuba, human rights, Fidel Castro, Las Damas de Blanco, Christian Liberation Movement, Blogging, Proyecto Varela, Ladies in White, Roman Catholic Church, Varela Project

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: Release and Exile

Type: Video

“Seven years and four months passed before I regained my freedom.”

Tags: Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Cuba, human rights, Guillermo Farinas Hernandez, Fidel Castro, Las Damas de Blanco, Ladies in White, Roman Catholic Church, prisoner of conscience, Orlando Zapato Tamayo

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: Life as a Political Prisoner

Type: Video

“I was transferred to prison – that is when my passage through hell starts.”

Tags: Cuba, repression, prisoner of conscience

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: The Black Spring

Type: Video

“I was sentenced to 24 years in prison.”

Tags: Cuba, human rights, Fidel Castro, Black Spring, prisoners of conscience

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: Cuba's Role in Grenada

Type: Video

How Cuba’s role in Grenada influenced Dr. Garcia’s path.

Tags: Grenada, Cuba, Fidel Castro, Maurice Bishop, Civil Society

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: Becoming an Activist

Type: Video

“So I made up my mind and one day I decided to participate”

Tags: Cuba, human rights, Asamblea para la Democratizacion de Cuba, Fidel Castro, Proyecto Varela, Todos Unidos, Civil Society, Varela Project

Ernesto Hernandez Busto: Cuba and the Green Revolution

Type: Video

Cubans carefully followed Iran’s Green Revolution.

Tags: Belarus, yoani sanchez, Cuba, iran, freedom of expression, censorship, Blogging, green revolution, burma, Blogosphere, China

Ernesto Hernandez Busto: Tactics of Repression

Type: Video

How the Cuban government represses dissidents.

Tags: yoani sanchez, Cuba, dissidents, damas de blanco, Ladies in White, repression, Reinaldo Escobar, Raul Castro, Claudio Cadelo

Ernesto Hernandez Busto: The Role of the United Nations

Type: Video

How Cuba uses the United Nations to promote its positions.

Tags: Cuba, iran, human rights, united nations, China, human rights council

Ernesto Hernandez Busto: The Regime and the Internet

Type: Video

“The biggest mistake of the Cuban government was not taking the Internet seriously.”

Tags: yoani sanchez, Cuba, freedom of expression, censorship, internet

Ernesto Hernandez Busto: Technology Unites the Opposition

Type: Video

How technology is uniting a fractured opposition.

Tags: yoani sanchez, Cuba, technology, freedom of expression, damas de blanco, Black Spring, Blogging, Ladies in White, Blogosphere

Ernesto Hernandez Busto: Challenges and Opportunities

Type: Video

Ernesto discusses the challenges and opportunities that come with technology.

Tags: Cuba, technology, freedom of expression, Blogging, Blogosphere

Ernesto Hernandez Busto: The Cuban Blogosphere

Type: Video

How blogs have changed the dissident movement.

Tags: Cuba, dissidents, freedom of expression, Blogging, internet, Blogosphere

Ernesto Hernandez Busto: Background

Type: Video

Ernesto Hernandez Busto discusses his background

Tags: yoani sanchez, Cuba, dissidents, technology, Blogging, Blogosphere

Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: Background

Type: Video

“I realized that the system under which I lived was a lie.”

Tags: Grenada, Cuba, human rights, Fidel Castro

Regis Iglesias Ramirez: Message to Dissidents

Type: Video

Message to Dissidents

Tags: Cuba, youtube, Messages to dissidents

Regis Iglesias Ramirez: Heroes

Type: Video

Regis discusses his heroes.

Tags: Cuba, heroes, Dalai Lama, Mick Jagger, Mkhuseli Jack, Oswaldo Paya, LED ZEPPELIN, inspiration, john paul II, youtube, Jimmy Hendrix, Vaclav Havel, ZZ Top

Regis Iglesias Ramirez: Prisoner of Conscience

Type: Video

“Prison is just another event when living under tyranny.”

Tags: human rights, prisoner of conscience, Rule of Law

Regis Iglesias Ramirez: Life in a Cuban Prison

Type: Video

Regis talks about conditions in Cuban prisons.

Tags: Cuba, prison, prisoner of conscience, Rule of Law

Regis Iglesias Ramirez: Arrest and Trial

Type: Video

“We were pronounced guilty and given long sentences.”

Tags: Cuba, prison, Black Spring, Christian Liberation Movement, Proyecto Varela, repression, prisoners of conscience, Rule of Law, Varela Project

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