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Fidel Suarez Cruz: Prison

Type: Video

“Life in prison is hell.”

Tags: Cuba, human rights, political prisoner, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, prisoner of conscience, torture

Fidel Suarez Cruz: Freedom

Type: Video

Fidel Suarez talks about the concept and origin of freedom.

Tags: human rights, freedom, dissident

Fidel Suarez Cruz: Foreign Investment

Type: Video

“Foreign investments are guaranteeing a lifeline for Castro.”

Tags: Cuba, human rights, Fidel Castro, communism, Raul Castro, foreign investment

Fidel Suarez Cruz: The Black Spring

Type: Video

The 2003 crackdown on the Cuban opposition.

Tags: Cuba, political prisoner, Fidel Castro, dissident, Black Spring, repression, communism, Raul Castro, prisoner of conscience, Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Why I Became a Dissident

Type: Video

“Some people are born rebellious by nature.”

Tags: Cuba, Fidel Castro, dissident, repression, dictatorship, communism, Raul Castro, prisoner of conscience

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Independent Journalism in Cuba

Type: Video

Independent journalists take responsibility and assume the consequences.

Tags: journalism, Cuba, Radio Marti, press, freedom of expression, censorship, broadcasting, Blogging, media

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Freedom

Type: Video

An individual lacking freedom becomes an animal.

Tags: human rights, freedom of expression, freedom, freedom of speech

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Damas de Blanco

Type: Video

“The Damas are a symbol of our struggle.”

Tags: Cuba, dissident, damas de blanco, Black Spring, Women, protest, Ladies in White, repression, prisoners of conscience, Civil Society, Nonviolence

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Fear and Terror

Type: Video

“With terror you do not think. With fear you can think.”

Tags: Cuba, Fidel Castro, dissident, repression, dictatorship, communism, Raul Castro

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Heroes and Inspiration

Type: Video

“Fear is not the only option.”

Tags: abraham lincoln, Cuba, Lech Walesa, heroes, jose marti, Normando Hernandez, Power of the Powerless, Mother Teresa, Simon Bolivar, Omar Moises Ruiz, poland, inspiration, Andrej Sakharov, Antonio Maceo, Vaclav Havel, Adam Michnik

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Change In Cuba?

Type: Video

Fidel Suarez discusses whether Cuba is changing.

Tags: Felix Varela, Cuba, human rights, jose marti, Fidel Castro, repression, communism, Raul Castro, Reform

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Blogging from Prison

Type: Video

“That blog stripped the prison system bare.”

Tags: Cuba, technology, political prisoner, Black Spring, censorship, dissident, independent journalism, Claudia Cadelo, prisoner of conscience, yoani sanchez, ivan garcia, Blogging, repression

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Message to Dissidents

Type: Video

”It’s worth risking everything for freedom.”

Tags: Cuba, freedom, Messages to dissidents

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Civil Society and Cuba

Type: Video

“Until we unite, they will continue to crush us.”

Tags: Cuba, jose marti, dissident, repression, opposition, Civil Society

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Black Spring

Type: Video

“The Black Spring was a warning to the free world.”

Tags: Cuba, Fidel Castro, dissident, Black Spring, repression, prisoners of conscience, Raul Castro, Civil Society

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Arrest and Trial

Type: Video

ario Vargas Llosa (1936 - ) is a Peruvian – Spanish writer and politician. He was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature. Vargas Llosa initially su

Tags: Cuba, human rights, Amnesty International, political prisoner, Black Spring, opposition, prisoner of conscience, Fidel Castro, Mario Vargas Llosa, repression, Raul Rivero, Pedro Arguelles Moran, Civil Society, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Reporters without Borders

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Impact of Technology

Type: Video

“Knowledge is power.”

Tags: twitter, Cuba, technology, censorship, social media, repression, Arab Spring, Facebook

Pablo Pacheco Avila: Prison

Type: Video

“The soul’s wounds never heal.”

Tags: Cuba, prison, political prisoner, dissident, Black Spring, repression, prisoner of conscience

Alejandrina Garcia de la Riva: Change in Cuba?

Type: Video

“I think everything in Cuba is worse.”

Tags: United States, Travel, Cuba, Diosdado González Marrero, change, democracy, Reform

Alejandrina Garcia de la Riva: The Ladies in White

Type: Video

is where the Ladies in White [Damas de Blanco in Spanish] movement began. From that meeting in the church. We prayed. We prayed to Santa Rita and then start

Tags: Cuba, Villa Marista, prison, damas de blanco, Church of Santa Rita, Black Spring, Ladies in White

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