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Horacio Julio Pina Borrego: Regime Targets Family Friends

Type: Video

“Repression is for the whole family.”

Tags: Cuba, friends, family, repression

Horacio Julio Pina Borrego: Baiting Dissidents

Type: Video

“They taunted us during the arrests.”

Tags: Cuba, prison, police, injustice, arrest, trial, Fidel Suárez Cruz

Horacio Julio Pina Borrego: Surviving Prison

Type: Video

“I knowingly took the risk of going to prison.”

Tags: Cuba, solitary confinement, support, prison, Black Spring, family, francisco franco

Horacio Julio Pina Borrego: Smuggling Information

Type: Video

“Every day people ask for more.”

Tags: journalism, Cuba, Radio Marti, freedom of expression, Cuban Institute for the Liberty of Expression and the Press, Normando Hernandez, newsletter, ICLEP

Horacio Julio Pina Borrego: Helping the Opposition

Type: Video

Horacio discusses ways to help Cuba’s opposition movement.

Tags: Cuba, help, opposition, aid, education

Horacio Julio Pina Borrego: Life In Cuba

Type: Video

“People live on a monthly salary of about 15 dollars.”

Tags: Cuba, freedom, Inequality, economics, transportation

Horacio Julio Pina Borrego: Why I Became A Dissident

Type: Video

“Actually, my father was forced to fire me.”

Tags: Cuba, Affiliated with the Sakharov Foundation, Cuban Pro-Human Rights Party, Andrei Sakharov, opposition

Berta Soler: Freedom

Type: Video

“I feel like a free woman in spite of the dictatorship, totalitarianism, and repression of the Castro regime.”

Tags: oppression, liberty, Cuba, human rights, freedom, totalitarianism, repression, dictatorship, democracy

Berta Soler: Race in Cuba

Type: Video

“Racism is alive in Cuba.”

Tags: oppression, Racism, Cuba, Ladies in White, Discrimination, dictatorship, afro-cuban

Berta Soler: Life in Cuba

Type: Video

“In Cuba, you don’t really live. You survive.”

Tags: oppression, Cuba, poverty, communism

Berta Soler: The Black Spring

Type: Video

“The cell was three steps wide and seven long.”

Tags: Written Without Permission, journalism, Cuba, Normando Hernández, Villa Marista, prison, arrest, trial, Raul Rivero Castaneda

Manuel Vazquez Portal: Art Under Tyranny

Type: Video

eredia (1803 – 1839) was a Cuban poet under Spanish rule. Jose Marti (1853 – 1895) is recognized as Cuba’s national hero. Marti was a write

Tags: Cuba, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Pio Serrano, Virgilio Piñera, jose marti, Alejo Carpentier y Valmont, castro, literature, Fina Garcia Marruz, José Lezama Lima, Art, Eliseo Diego, communism, artist

Manuel Vazquez Portal: The Black Spring

Type: Video

“The cell was three steps wide and seven long.”

Tags: Written Without Permission, journalism, Cuba, Normando Hernández, Villa Marista, prison, arrest, trial, Raul Rivero Castaneda

Berta Soler: The Ladies In White

Type: Video

“We are women of peace, with principles and dignity.”

Tags: Cuba, Villa Marista, Laura Pollan, dissident, protest, Roman Catholic Church, opposition, dictatorship, Communist Party of Cuba, state security, oppression, damas de blanco, Hector Maseda Gutierrez, Leonor Perez Mothers� Committee, repression, communism, Civil Society, Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello

Manuel Vazquez Portal: Defiance in Prison

Type: Video

Manuel talks about continuing nonviolent resistance in prison.

Tags: Written Without Permission, Cuba, Normando Hernández, prison, Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, protest, hunger strike, Nelson Aguiar Ramirez, Prospero Gainza Aguero, Group of 75

Manuel Vazquez Portal: International Support

Type: Video

“All international organizations help by giving visibility to a prisoner.”

Tags: Cuba, Amnesty International, Ladies in White, Juan Carlos Herrera, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Reporters without Borders, human rights watch, Group of 75

Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodriguez: Captive Villages

Type: Video

“It was a like a concentration camp.”

Tags: Cuba, captive villages, repression, opposition, communism, Civil Society

Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodriguez: Why I Became a Dissident

Type: Video

“And I tried to united the opposition.”

Tags: Cuba, political prisoner, dissident, opposition, CTDC, prisoner of conscience, Council of Democratic Workers of Cuba, pioneers, Ex-Captive Club of Sancti Spiritus, Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, Radio Marti, communism, Civil Society

Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodriguez: Prison

Type: Video

o go to Spain, through the agreements made by the Spanish government with the Cuban regime, through the mediation of the Catholic Church. And we left for Spa

Tags: Cuba, political prisoner, dissident, Black Spring, opposition, prisoner of conscience, Civil Society

Arturo Perez De Alejo Rodriguez: The Varela Project

Type: Video

Arturo explains the Varela Project.

Tags: Cuba, freedom of assembly, political prisoners, freedom of association, referendum, elections, 1976 constitution

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